How To Change Your Name On Facebook

One way or another you may desire to change your name on Facebook. Most times, it’s kind of fun to edit your name on Facebook to spice up your connection with friends and make your online presence lively.

The steps in this post will focus mainly on how I do change my name on Facebook anytime I come up with a fresh name. Facebook has set a limit to which profile names can be changed so I advise you to change the name with caution.

Edit Name On Facebook
Change Your Name On Facebook

Kindly follow the below steps to change your name on Facebook. But before anything, I will inform you of some limitations and restrictions with which you can change your name on Facebook.

Some Limits On Changing Facebook Name…

  1. Your name must be plain and simple– That is to say, you won’t be allowed to misuse capital letters, input symbols such as a comma(,), hyphen(-), Colon(:) and others.
  2. Language– You are not allowed to use characters from multiple languages.
  3. Name– Facebook prefers you use a name with which friends and family know you in real life. So that means you can add nicknames but in one condition. It must be meaningful(as well can be any word in the dictionary).
  4. Change Name With Caution– You are restricted and limited to change your name on Facebook once in 60days. Out of all, this is a special note.


Why Do You Wish To Change Your Name On Facebook? 

Anyone may change the name on Facebook for any reason. I can as well guess that changing your Facebook name may be as a result of getting married and you desire a change of name to help people easily know you are no longer single and that you now bear a new name.

Another guess which may lead to a change of name on Facebook maybe your religion. If you receive some kind of new grace, step into a new stage they may demand a new name added. So that may attract the change of name on Facebook.

Hmm… who knows if I guessed right. Let me know your reasons in the comment section. However, that being aside, let’s proceed with the following steps to help you change your name on Facebook.


I will share two methods which one is On Mobile while the other is On Windows to help you change your name on Facebook successfully. Read on…

Change Facebook Name On Mobile

To do this, you are to follow the below steps…

  • Open Facebook– either the lite version or the Facebook advanced version. kindly click on the F icon, input login details with a password, and log in to your account. 
  • Tap On Menu– it is located at the top right corner on the android screen while at the bottom on iPhone. Often 3dash on most devices.
  • Scroll down and tap on Settings.
  • Select Account Settings.
  • Tap on General.
    Click General

Here you will see your Name, Email, Phone, and others… Yeah, since our main focus is to change your name on Facebook we are to tap on Name.

  • Edit Name– next is to edit your name which will reflect on the rest of your Facebook profile. kindly tap on First Name, input a new name. Tap on the Last Name, change and… 
    Edit Name

  • Save– now there should be an action button below the edit name section. kindly click on it. The option might be labeled Save Changes or Review Change depends on the mobile/app, just click on any.
    Review Changes
  • Preview Name Change– Now a list of names will be displayed on the mobile screen, kindly select your new name. You should note really well that this option may not display on all phones. In most cases, after you click on the save button, your Facebook name changes automatically. So you don’t have to worry.
  • Enter Password And Save– For Facebook to verify that you are the true owner of the account and to make sure you are aware of the name change on Facebook, they will require a password. Type in your Facebook password and click on Save Changes.

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Change Facebook Name On Windows

  • Log In Facebook– In your preferred browser, kindly log on to and for sure this step will take you directly to your News Feed if you are logged in already. If not, input your login details, tap login and boom here is your Facebook account logged in to the news feed on the next screen.
  • Locate Settings– After successful login to your Facebook account on windows, kindly look at the top-right corner of your computer screen you will see a small triangle facing down or a Gear Icon rather, just after “(?)”. Click on it and here is a drop-down menu.
    Locate Settings
  • Click on Settings– Control your mouse down to Settings on the menu earlier and click on it.
  • Click on General- Here you will see a list of different options including your Name, Username(personal URL), Contact, and others…
  • Click on Name– Since we are focusing on changing the Facebook name, kindly click your name.
    Edit Name
  • Edit Name– At this point, you are to replace your current name with the new one you wish to use. Click on First Name, clear, and input the new name. Do the same to the Last Name.
    Edit and Review Changes
  • Click on Review Change– May not be necessary on some computers.

Yeah, after clicking you will see a pop-up menu displaying a list of names. Click on your new name. 

  • Enter Password and Save– Facebook will ask for a password to verify that you are the owner of this account and to make sure that you are aware of the recent name change. Type in your Facebook password and click Save Changes.

And that’s it. You’ve successfully changed your name on Facebook in a few minutes. Was it helpful? I love to hear from you.



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