Best Way To Convert Mov To Mp4 Online For Free

Yeah, I know you want to convert MOV to MP4 online and probably you don’t know how to.

Keep calm. You don’t have to worry anymore after reading this article. You will simply learn how to convert .mov to .mp4 video file extensions in a few seconds.

And again, the method (or the tool) I’m going to share with you today is not the “Convert and Go” type of stuff.

With the below guide, you will be able to convert as many files as you want. Starting from .mp3, m4a, .mov, mp4 and more.

How to Convert MOV to MP4 Online For Free

Most importantly, this tool is fast and effective.

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Introducing MOV to MP4 Online Converter

Before we proceed let me introduce you to this online tool I’ve been talking about.

It’s The online tool I used to convert my files all the time. And this time it’s about converting .mov files to .mp4.

Let talk a little more about this online tool.

About is an All-in-One converter tool created for the use of converting audio and video files easily. I have mentioned some common file extensions the tool can simply convert to your taste. (There is even more to discover) Keep reading…
See a quick overview of what they claim to offer you.
Convert Mov to Mp4 Online
From the screenshot, you can possibly see that the tool:
  1. Supports up to 1000+ audio or video formats for input and output.
  2. Seem Faster in converting files
  3. Can convert multiple files at once in less time
  4. Can also convert and download unlimited videos to mp3 format. (In summary Mp4 to Mp3)

Great right? Of course yes.

I’m going to give a list of other file extensions that can be converted using the media tool, but before I do that let’s see how to convert your .mov file easily.

How To Convert MOV To MP4 Online For Free

Follow the below guide correctly to convert your file easily.

  • Kindly go to Media Mov to Mp4 Converter
  • Once the page comes up, click on the (+) sign to Add The File you wish to convert.
  • In the “Convert to” section, Select MP4
  • After that “Click Convert
    Convert mov to mp4 online

Wait for your video file to convert.

Important Note: You should note that how fast or slow your file converts solely depends on the file size. That is to say; smaller file size tends to convert faster than bigger file size.

After a successful conversion, your file should be ready for download now.

  • Click on Download to save your converted file to your device.

You have successfully converted the .mov to the .mp4 video file online.

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Don’t go yet.

Remember I promised to show you some more other file extensions that can be converted by

Some More Extension To Convert To MP4

The above listed online tool can possibly convert:

  1. MXF to MP4
  2. ASF to MP4
  3. DIVX to MP4
  4. AVI to MP4
  5. WebM to MP4
  6. WMA to MP4
  7. TRP to MP4
  8. Many more…

Other File Extensions To Convert MOV Files To:

While you can easily convert .mov to .mp4 online, you can as well convert .mov to other file extensions. And below is a little list.

  • Convert MOV to VOB
  • MOV to MPEG-2
  • MOV to YouTube Video
  • MOV to M4V
  • MOV to FLV
  • And many more…

How To Convert MOV To MP4 Offline

If you wish to convert your file offline, this section is for you.

Converting files offline can simply help minimize the usage of data, convert files without data connections, without WiFi network service, and most of all, convert files faster coz it has nothing to do with network connections… offline straight down.

To achieve this,

But how?

Enjoy😊. Happy converting.

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There are even more tools to convert .mov to .mp4 online for free but the above is one I have personally used.

In the future, I will share with you other awesome tools you can possibly use to convert .mov files online. For now, let’s keep using the above tool I have given in this article.

Hope it helps you convert MOV to mp4 online. It gives me a lot of joy bringing the solution to your problems.
Kindly leave a comment below if you face any difficulty.

Which other online or offline tool do you use to convert the above-mentioned file?


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