How To Save Facebook Videos Easily [Android, iOS and PC]

Wondering if it’s possible to download Facebook videos for offline or later viewing? Of course it possible to save Facebook videos you see on New Feeds, Groups, or Pages to your Android, iOS, and even on your PC in seconds…
Save Facebook Videos
Save Facebook Videos
You are going to learn How To:
  1. Save Facebook videos on Android
  2. Save Facebook videos on iOS(iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  3. Save Facebook videos on PC, Laptop, or Desktop.
Following the below steps, you will be able to save Facebook videos successfully. And without wasting much time let’s begin this tutorial.


Before anything, you are recommended to get Friendly For Facebook App from Google Play or here.

After download and installing,
  • Access your Facebook account using the Friendly For Facebook App, then locate the video you wish to download to your Android device.
  • Now play the video. Immediately after the video begins, you will see a download button located at the down-right-corner on your Android screen.
  • Click the Download button to save the video to your phone gallery.
Now you will be asked to grant Friendly for Facebook permission to access media, photos, and files.
  • It is recommended that you grant the app access to complete video download progress.
Wait while video downloads.

SAVE FACEBOOK VIDEOS ON iOS(iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Download Friendly for Facebook iOS version on AppStore
  • Next login to your Facebook account using the Friendly for Facebook App.
  • Now in that video, you wish to download there is a down-arrow icon covered with cloud. See screenshot for good reference…
    Click Download Cloud Icon

  • Click on that icon and you’ll see several options after clicking.
  • And now to save the Facebook video to your iOS device, kindly select Download Video to Camera Roll
    Download Video to Camera Roll

  • Also, grant Friendly for Facebook permission to access your photo library and wait for the video to download.


To save Facebook videos successfully on the computer, kindly follow the below steps.

After locating the video you wish to download, don’t open it yet.
  • First, Right-Click on it and different options will pop-up on the screen. Click Select Video URL.
  • You will see another pop-up containing the link address or URL of this video. Kindly highlight and copy the URL.
  • To copy, right-click on the selected URL and select copy. Alternatively, use the keyboard by pressing Ctrl+C on windows, Command+C on Mac.
  • Next is to paste the URL in your browser address bar. To paste URL, right-click and select paste. Alternatively, use the keyboard by pressing Ctrl+V on windows, Command+V on Mac.
  • Now edit pasted URL by changing www. to m. (i.e from to And hit Enter or use ▶ the button on your browser. All same.
  • In the next screen, the video should now be optimized to mobile view form. Now click on the play button.
  • At this point, a pop-up dialog will display at the button of your Internet Explorer screen. Click on the Save button.
NOTE: Make sure you use Internet Explorer for a good result.
  • While the video is playing, Right-Click on anywhere around the ongoing video. Now another pop-up option displays different from the previous one. Select Save video as.
  • You can now select your desired location where you wish to save the video file, then click on Save or Open button, all depends on your operating system.
Yeah. I believe the above methods will help you download or save Facebook videos for free and in a very short time. It worked perfectly for me and some other guys so I hope it works for you as well.

Share your experience.

More Peace and Blessings…

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