How To Turn Off Screen Overlay Detected Feature On Android Now

Screen Overlay Detected issue has been one major problem most Android users are dealing with, especially the Marshmallow users.
Even when we try to resolve the issues ourselves, we get stuck somewhere and leave it unfixed.
Right in this post, we will cover the meaning of Screen Overlay Detected, the Reason why it displays, and How to turn it off in various ways.

Open Settings
Turn OFF Screen Overlay Detected On Android

MEANING of Screen Overlay Detected Feature On Android

Screen Overlay Detected is a very annoying error which in most cases, appears mostly on the Marshmallow Version Of Android. Anything a new app is been installed or launched on in the above mention version of android several permissions like storage, camera, contacts, and some others must be granted in other for certain apps to function well. But while app permissions are been granted, a sudden message pops up on the screen(I.e if the screen overlay feature is turned on in some apps).

A message like “Screen Overlay Detected” and you won’t be able to proceed until screen overlay is turned off.

REASON WHY IT APPEARS(Screen Overlay Detected)

These popups may appear as a result of the Android version you are using.
It is most likely to appear whenever you install a new app on your Marshmallow Version Of Android after permissions like contacts, storage, etc are being granted.

SCREEN OVERLAY DETECTED Appears On Certain Devices Not All

Screen overlay detected only appears on Marshmallow upgraded Android versions such as Tecno, Samsung, Lenovo, LG, etc. If it currently displays on your device then that android version is part of it.

Now below are various ways to get rid of the Screen Overlay Detect Problem.


Like I said earlier, this screen overlay feature appears mostly on Marshmallow upgraded Android Versions but it can as well pop up on any other versions it all depends. So I will be given different methods on how you can possibly turn off the screen overlay feature on any device.


In this method, we are going to turn off the screen overlay manually on every app. Why? Some apps draw over other apps and because of that, it affects certain apps from functioning.
  • Go to “Settings
  • Scroll down and tap on “Apps”
  • Tap On “Gear Icon” at the Top-Right-Corner of the screen before Three Dots.
Tap  Draw Over Other Apps
  • Select “Draw Over Other Apps
  • Tap On “Three Dots” at the Top-Right-Corner on your screen.
  • Select “Show System
Select 'Show System'
At this point, the list of all apps including system apps in which screen overlay is active will show up.
Turn OFF Screen Overlay Detected On Android

NOTE: you can as well click on “Open Settings” in the screen overlay detected message. That will take you directly to the above screenshot.
  • Now you are to turn off “Screen Overlay” One After Another. The Yes you see above on those apps simply means screen overlay is active. So you are to turn it off (let it be NO) by clicking this switch.
(Turn OFF)Toggle The Switch
And yes, you have successfully turned off Screen Overlay on Android and it won’t turn on again by itself unless you do so manually. You can turn it ON for Facebook messenger if you want to use its feature of chat head.


Another sure way to turn off the screen overlay feature is to uninstall unwanted apps. I.e apps you don’t really need. Some of these apps can be the cause of this ‘screen overlay detected’ problem so It’s a better idea to uninstall certain apps. Maybe that will solve the problem.
And right now, I will suggest to you some apps be uninstalled.


  1. Share IT
  2. Es explorer
  3. Uc browser
  4. 360 security
  5. Internet Speed Meter
  6. Apps with Animated Rocket Cleaners on Home Screen(apps claiming to analyze and free up phone storage space).
  7. Facebook Messenger Chat Head
  8. Security and Antivirus apps
  9. DU apps such as DU power Booster, DU Cleaner, DU Battery Saver. Anything DU, uninstall them.
  10. Night Mode apps like Twilight and the rest(Dims your screen light at night).

After uninstalling unwanted apps, I believe the screen overlay detected error will be resolved.

NOTE: Aside from the above-mentioned apps there are some apps you may find useless, you should decide on what to do with such apps either delete or ignore them being useless.


If the above steps(Step 1 and Step 2) didn’t solve the problem then trust me, step 3 will help you solve this ‘screen overlay detected’ error.
See below how to Turn Off Screen Overlay.
  • Go to “Settings
  • Scroll down to “Apps” and tap on it.
➧ Now look for the app giving you this “screen overlay detected” message and tap on it. In my case, WhatsApp was giving me this screen overlay detected message, and that why I selected it in the screenshot.

Select App
➧ After that, select “Permissions“.
Select 'Permissions'
  • Now Toggle on permissions of all apps. Refer to the below screenshot.
Toggle Permissions of all apps
This way you have successfully Deactivate or Turn OFF Screen Overlay features on android.
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Hope it helps? Kindly let us know in the comment section which Step works for you.
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