3 Ways To Tweak Imei Number Without Later Effects

If you are looking up to change the IMEI number on Android safely kindly follow the methods in this post.
Right here in the post, I will give a complete guide on different ways to tweak IMEI numbers on Android safely without side effects.
Change Android IMEI Number
Tweak Android IMEI Number
But before then,

What Is Imei?

Imei which simply means International Mobile Equipment Identity is a unique number to identify GSM, WCDMA, iDEN, and other satellite phones. It’s mostly fifteen(15) digits on every mobile phone.

You may find one line of this IMEI number on certain phones but it’s usually two on Dual Sim mobile phones which is
IMEI 1: *************** and 
IMEI 2: ***************.
Must be 15digits not less or more.

What Is IMEI Used For?

IMEI number is mainly used for identifying a device, its network service provider and can as well help block stolen phones from accessing device network service.

Images can also help you identify an original device. Copyrighted phones may tend to have IMEI numbers but may either be less or more than 15digits. You can take a look at proven signs to know/identify original phones. Or How to know fake or copyrighted devices.

How To Check IMEI Number

There are surely two ways to check the IMEI number on phone. You can check the IMEI number both when the device is turned OFF or ON

When Turned OFF, open the back cover of your phone, bring out the battery, and now you will see a mostly colored white paper right there in battery space. Now take a look at the IMEI Number of your device.
When Turned ON, kindly Dial *#06# and that’s your IMEI Number looking at you. If you didn’t see the IMEI Number and on the screen, it displays invalid IMEI consider reading this guide on how to fix Invalid IMEI Problems. Believe that will solve the problem.

Why do you want to tweak the IMEI number?

It may be as a result of getting access to inaccessible stuff on your version of Android. And because of that, you are recommended to tweak the IMEI number to get complete access.

Some reasons can be for you as a user to get access to Network Services(Mtn, Airtel, Etisalat or Glo) Awoof like; 
  • Browsing tricks
  • Cheap data plans
  • Free Data Offer
  • Phone Hacks

And More…

No matter what the reason maybe I have covered complete guides to change IMEI number on android in simple steps.


To get this done, you are to first download Mobile Uncle Or MTK Engineer Mode.

After successful downloading, launch the app.

Using Mobile Uncle

A mobile uncle should be familiar to individuals with rooted phones. Yes, the mobile uncle app works perfectly with rooted Android devices and will not install on unrooted devices.

If you wish to root your Android device, do well to read the complete guide to root the android phone safely with later effects. And after rooting you can now install the mobile uncle successfully.
To tweak IMEI with the mobile uncle app, Kindly…
  • Launch Mobile Uncle App
  • Locate and click on MTK Engineering Mode.

Now follow the below steps to change the IMEI number on Android…

You may ask if there are special differences between the Mobile Uncle and MTK Engineering Mode. No worries I have answered this question in a post.
Read: Mobile Uncle Vs MTK Engineering Mode – is there any difference? Click to discover

Using MTK Engineering Mode

MTK Engineering Mode is easy to use tool to tweak IMEI numbers on android and it installs on all kinds of Android smartphones(not sure about v2. Though) whether rooted or not. So kindly follow the below steps to get it done ASAP.

Download MTK Engineering Mode here

After successful downloading, install and launch the app.
  • Click on MTK Settings
    Click Mtk Settings
  • Slide to ‘Connectivity‘ Tab.
  • Click on CDS Information
    Click CDs Information
  • Now select Radio Information
    Click Radio Information

Right you will see Phone 1 and Phone 2 which on the other hand means Sim 1 and 2. So select Phone 1 or 2 depends on the IMEI you wish to change.

  • Not sure of the IMEI Number to change? Check with *#06# and continue…
  • After the above, tap on the editor containing ‘ AT+ ‘.
  • Now type in any letter and delete it. E.g Type-in B and press backspace to delete. And immediately after deleting, you will see the below options…


Now the first option AT+EGMR=1,7 is meant for Phone 1 while, the second AT+EGMR=1,10 is for tweaking Phone 2. Now let’s proceed with Phone 1…

Type B and Delete
  • Select AT+EGMR=1,7,”” and input New IMEI in between quotes. E.g AT+EGMR=1,7, “New IMEI Number” and click send.
Now if the tweak is successful a message like the below will display…

[ At Command Is Msent ]

And if not, give a space after AT or before EGMR. E.g A+ [space]EGMR=1,7,” New IMEI Number” then try to send again.
For sure, it will work this time.
Yeah, we’ve come to the end of today’s tutorial. Following the above steps carefully will help you change the IMEI Number on Android Safely without Later Effects.
What do you think?

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