[New] How To Use Single Name On Facebook

Hello everyone, hope you’re chilling.
So today I will be sharing with you all the top tricks on how to use a single name on Facebook easily.

As you already know, it’s never an easy task to use a single name or hide your last name on Facebook since it was required on the day of your sign-up.

For real it’s not a free ticket for every, just for some categories of people who were was born with one name for life.

Don’t get me wrong you are not paying for this trick I’m giving it free here in this post.

Use One Name On Facebook
Use Single Name On Facebook

For you to be allowed to use a single name or hide your last name on Facebook, there are some factors required by Facebook.

  1. You must be from Indonesia. Yes, normally the average people who are allowed to use one name on Facebook are from Indonesia.
  2. You are to change the Proxy Address of the browser Or Device IP Address.
  3. You are allowed to change a name once in 60days.
  4. Some others though…

Did I see you worry? lol… all those are just normal instructions given by Facebook and have nothing to do with the trick I will be sharing with you today. You will learn how to use a single name on Facebook with your Country’s Facebook Account. Stay cool and read on…

What If I Ask A Question.

Why do u wish to use a single name on Facebook?

Well, speaking for myself I think it looks really unique. And I can possibly use a real-life base name. i.e a name I’m been called by homies…

Yeah, will love to hear your reasons in the comment section…

Is It Illegal To Use Single Name On Facebook?

Can’t say much but the use of a single name is available only for individuals who live in Indonesia. Better still it’s not an illegal practice coz you aren’t in any way scamming or harassing someone.



To use a single name on Facebook, kindly follow the below carefully…

Since the use of one name on Facebook is limited to only those who live in Indonesia. The simple trick is to change language from current to Indonesia and you get success.


It’s as easy as ABC to change your language to another on Facebook.


  • Launch Mozilla / Chrome browser and download Hola VPN free of charge.
  • After downloading you will be given two(2) options >Allow|Not Now< with a warning message, kindly click Allow.

Turn ON Hola Vpn

  • Click on 3dash
    Click 3dash

  • Click English(or displayed language), 
    Click Language - Hola VPN
  • Scroll down and select Indonesia as your Country.
    Select Indonesia

Your browser will be automatically configured with an Indonesian proxy address.

Or To Add Proxy Address Manually,

  • Go to Google.com
  • In the search box type Indonesian Proxy and click the Search button.
  • You can as well get an active proxy address from http://proxynova.com or other websites online.
  • Add Proxy To Chrome / Firefox


See How To Use Single Name On Facebook Mobile

Now it’s time to change the language on Facebook to use a single name.


  • Log in to your Facebook profile.
  • Go to Account Settings and click Language
    Click on Language - Facebook

  • Select and change the language to Bahasa Indonesia
    Select Bahasa Indonesia

  • Click Save Changes

Now it’s time to finally change your Facebook name to single.


  • Go back to Settings
  • Click General,
  • Click Name, delete the Last name and click Review Changes.
    Change Name - Review Changes
  •  On the next screen choose your name and Save Changes.

You have successfully changed the name and can now use a single name on Facebook.

From this moment all your friends(including you) will only see one name on your profile.

After successful editing, you may choose to change the language back to normal.
Kindly turn OFF Hola VPN and as well change the language to default in Facebook Settings.



The one doesn’t require any special app like I recommend Uc browser earlier. All you need is any browser or any version of the Facebook mobile app.

If you don’t have a Facebook mobile you can download it here

Or you can as well use any of your preferred browsers and log in to this version of Facebook.

  • Now enter your login details and Log in.
  • After that, scroll down and tap on Settings & Privacy.
    How to Make a single name on Facebook

  • Select Language
    How to use single name on Facebook

  • Select the first option
    Select Tamil

  • Scroll down and select Tamil as your language
  • Now Save.
Time to change your name to single.
  • Go back to Settings & Privacy,
  • Enter Personal Information
    Use one name on Facebook

  • Now tap on Your Name

And on the next screen,

  • Kindly delete the Last name and add your preferred name in the First name field
    Use Single name on Facebook

  • After that, tap Review Changes
  • You will be asked to Enter Your Password
  • Enter your Password for Facebook to confirm that you’re intentionally changing the name.
  • Now Save Changes.
You are not done yet.
Go back to Settings and Change the Language to English or your preferred language.


If you still find it difficult to make a single name on Facebook, you don’t have to worry. Just Contact Me and let me do it for you. (little penny of $5 attached though).


Finally, you have reached the end. And I believe you now know how to use a single name or hide your last name on Facebook.

You can as well view this short video to learn how to do this, life.

Hope it helps?

Are you having problems with creating a single-name Facebook Account?

Which Website Or tool helped you change your IP Address?

Which other method works really well for you?

Love to hear from you.

Peace And Blessing…


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