Manage Apps & Websites You Logged In Using Facebook

I logged in Facebook this evening only to see this…

Protecting Your Information We understand the importance of keeping you data safe, and are making it easier for you to control which apps you share information with.
You can go to the apps and websites section of your settings anytime to see the apps and websites you have used Facebook to log into. You can also remove the ones you don’t want connected to Facebook anymore.

I was about asking myself why Facebook had to display that info on my news feed and came to realize that it’s a basic way to inform users that we all can now manage apps and websites we logged in using Facebook. See the screenshot below…

Goto Settings
Manage Apps And Websites Logged In With Facebook
Sounds good right? Yeah, really good.

Brief Insights…

There are many websites online which require you to log in with your email address and password or Create an Account with them to make use of their services and at the same time add some social buttons below asking you to ease yourself the stress by clicking on one of the buttons.

Facebook is usually available in most cases. You may see a button like “Sign in with Facebook” or related depending on the website format.
Now if you didn’t see this notification on your new feed, keep calm I will show you how to manage apps and websites you have signed in using Facebook. Just take a look at how you can possibly manage apps and websites you logged in using Facebook.


To get this done, you are to:

  • Log in Facebook
  • Tap on the 3dash at the top-right corner of your screen
    Click 3dash
  • Scroll down and click on Settings
  • After that, click on Account Settings
  • Now scroll down and select Apps
Right there you will see three options but since we are concerned about managing apps and websites logged in with Facebook, you are to choose “Logged In With Facebook”.

Trouble ShootingDidn’t see this feature? Update Your Facebook App

  • Tap on Logged In With Facebook
    Select Logged in using facebook

The next screen displays a list of apps and websites you have logged in to using Facebook.

  • Now kindly tick the ones you which to remove and click on the Remove button
    Click Remove
And that’s it.
If you received the notification on your new feed then kindly click Go to Settings and follow the above step to proceed.

View Removed Apps & Websites

View Removed Apps And Websites

Click on the “Removed” tab and a list of deleted apps will be listed.

View Expired Apps & Websites

View Expired Apps And Websites

Click on the “Expired” tab to see expired apps and websites you previously signed in using Facebook.

Yeah before the conclusion, One question…

Is it safe to manage Apps & Websites logged in with Facebook?

Well, for me personally it’s a very good idea to check from time to time apps that are using your Facebook Account to access their services. So you can remove apps and websites running with your Facebook account without your consent.

And you should also know that apps that are logged in with your Facebook Account now have access to your private information. That’s why you should always check and manage them.
The answer to the question is… Yes, it’s safe.
What do you think? Is this feature helpful? Have you noticed any other features recently added? Are you still finding it difficult to manage apps and websites you logged in using Facebook? Let me know in the comment section…
More peace and blessings…

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