What Is Restrict App Background Data Used For?

It’s on a Friday when I was busy going through settings on my phone as usual. Until I discovered this
The only nice feature. One feature I have never regret to ever notice.
Before now, I never thought there was any feature like this that could exist on a device, not knowing that even older versions of Android phones have it on them. All well and good anyways. Thank God for the day I discovered and now I can use it coz I know its meaning, functions, and other things about it.
So what’s this feature I have been talking about?
Restrict Background Data Saver Feature
Restrict App Background Data
It a built-in feature on (almost) every Android and iOs device known and called “Restrict Background Data” Or “Data Saver” In some phones.

Now, what’s this Feature used for?

The name sounds self-explanatory. “Restrict Background Data” Or “Data Saver” which simply means it focuses mainly on minimizing data. It helps you reduce the consumption rate of data.

How possible can this be?

I know some may still ask questions like this or related, oh no! Feel free it’s normal, I did ask too, but let me make it clear.

This feature works this way➡

When you turn on “Restrict Background Data” Or “Data Saver” it goes straight ahead and turns off every connection making use of your data except the current app you are using at the moment.
For example, if you are making use of the chrome browser and later on switch to Facebook then every connection on chrome will be turned off and Facebook would be the only App-consuming data. For sure, that will increase your browsing speed coz no other app is using your data, yeah.


Going through the little explanations I made above you should see clearly that this feature is great in its own way. You know,
  1. It helps saves and reduces data charges.
  2. Reduces device temperature in some ways.
  3. Decrease maximum or high connections.
  4. It increases browsing speed and makes the browsing experience a better one.
  5. I also noticed that turning ON “DATA CONNECTIONS” doesn’t drain battery life faster anymore.
  6. More…


As we all know, it has been said that anything that has an advantage may as well have disadvantages. So here are some stuff that you must overlook while trying to minimize your data for the best browsing experience.
  1. You should consider keeping incoming notifications to a pause. ( I.e if you are browsing with Chrome or any other browser, you won’t get messages or notifications from other apps like Gmail, Facebook, Google plus+, etc…)
  2. You won’t be informed of new updates if there are any unless you check for yourself.
  3. More…
Anyways for me, I think the above is the only disadvantage. Anyways, using this feature ‘Manually’ can help you bypass them. And there are more and better things about it.
Now how can I activate this feature to play along with its benefits?
It’s simple. Below is how you can activate “Data Saver”.


  • Go toSettings
  • Tap on Data Usage
  • Tap on the three(3)dots at the Top-Right-Corner on your screen.
  • Now select Restrict App Background Data Or Data Saver all depends on device versionRestrict Background Data Saver Feature
After that, you will see a warning like below…

  • Kindly tap OK and you are goodRestrict Background Data Saver Feature
Note: This tutorial was made from android version 6.0, so in case you are using an older or newer version you should apply some wisdom.

How do I know if Data Saver is active?

In some phones, you may see something related to the below screenshot…

Restrict Background Data Saver Feature

While in some, it might not be available but don’t worry it all same. That’s not necessary as long as you are seeing its functions.

You can as well turn on Data Saver manually. I.e turning it ON, on certain apps and leave the rest.

How possible can this be?

Of course, the below steps are how to turn ON Data Saver manually.


  • Go toSettings
  • Tap on Data Usage

Select Network

At this point, you are to select the sim or network you wish to restrict its background data to either Mtn, Airtel, Etisalat, or Glo.
  • Just tap on the Network tab. Refer to the screenshot below.Restrict Background Data Saver Feature

Select Apps

Now it’s time to activate Data Saver manually on your device.
To make it possible,

  • kindly tap on the apps one after another then click Restrict App Background Data.
    Restrict Background Data Saver Feature
That’s it. You can activate as many apps as you want.
In my case, I left apps like Facebook, Gmail, and Google Service coz I do expect notifications of new updates from them. So in this way, I consider this feature as one of the best.
Anyway, every feature on Android, iOS, Windows, and other devices has its own role to play and well have its own authority in one way or another.
Now, what are your thoughts on this feature? Do you have any questions? Did I miss anything? Do you prefer turning ON ” Data Saver” manually or automatically? Let me hear from you in the comment section.

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