Why Does iPhone 13 Not Come With Charger?

Why does iphone 13 not come with charger? This post is published to give you the best answer to this question. You’ll also learn how to charge your iPhone 13 well after buying it from a Local store or legit online portal.

Apple has taken note. They estimate that they can fit 70% more on a transport pallet by excluding the charger from the box, which will result in significantly less packaging and less carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.

Learn why new iPhones do not come with chargers on purchase.

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About The iPhone 13 Charger Issue: Why Not Charger

If you noticed that the new iPhone you bought didn’t come with a charge in it, you’re not alone. Many users who bought the phone keep complaining about the same issue.

Yes, and the only way to solve the problem is to gain more insight as to how things work in the Apple phone industry.

Always look for evidence of damage, such as breakage or bent prongs, on your charging cable and USB adaptor. Use only intact accessories. Use a wall power outlet and make sure your charging cable, USB wall adapter, wall outlet, or AC power cable are securely connected. If necessary, try a new outlet.

That some iPhones don’t come with chargers is not only the issue, but some iPhone users are also wondering why their phones are not charging well.

Several factors can cause these alerts to appear: Your iOS device’s charging port can be clogged or broken. Your charging device is broken, faulty, or not approved by Apple. Device charging is not intended for your USB charger.

Well, today’s post is filled with the answers to the question of why the iPhone 13 does not come with a charger. Scroll slowly to learn more about this.

Why does iPhone 13 not come with charger?

This answer is a bit unclear (and probably funny to say).

To save waste, Apple stated that accessories are no longer included. Most iPhone users already have chargers and headphones. You can buy any third-party charger from Amazon, or you can buy an Apple-approved charger starting at $19 at apple.com.

Now, see this;

The Lightning charge port is still present on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, as Apple has not yet switched over to USB-C, which normally offers quicker charging speeds.

Got it?

There’s more to read.

Can you charge iPhone 13 with Old Charger?

Yes, you can charge iPhone 13 with Old Charger. Just make sure it’s charging well. But, it’s not advisable to do that since the new iPhone charger is available in the Apple Market.

The only issue is whether it is safe to charge your iPhone 13 with an old charger or whether you should get a new charger with USB-C ports instead. The answer is that your iPhone 13 is safe whether your Lightning connections terminate in a USB-C or USB-A connector.

Why Do New iPhones Not Come With Chargers?

This section discloses why the new iphone doesn’t come with a charger in the pack. Read below…

To reduce packaging waste, Apple no longer supplies power adapters in every box as of the iPhone 12. (and make some cash on accessories). Its most recent smartphones also support Apple’s MagSafe magnetic charging technology.

Why does iPhone 13 pro not come with charger?

The iPhone 13 does not come with a charging adapter, just like the iPhone 12 which was released before it. Customers will only receive the iPhone 13 and a USB-C to Lightning cable in the box. The iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max are all included in this.

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Why iPhones Don’t Come With Charger

Apple phones no longer include a charger or headphones in the box as with the 2020 iPhone 12 series. This will benefit the environment because it should drastically cut down on e-waste. 

So, that’s the major reason why iPhone doesn’t come with Charger in the box. This applies to New products right after the launch of the iPhone 12, not just Uk used devices.

Yes, newer versions like the iPhone 13, 13 pro, and later versions. We’ll also like to add that this news is relevant at the time of writing this article. Things may change in the future.

iPhone 13 Wireless Charging

The iPhone Wireless Charging feature enables your phone’s back to serve as a wireless charging pad for peripherals like smartphones, wireless earphones, and even other phones.

According to our knowledge, Apple does offer a very limited version of this feature that cannot be used to recharge AirPods or the Apple Watch.

Here’s how the iPhone Wireless charging works below:

The display of your iPhone should be facing up as you place it on the charger.

The manufacturer may have recommended a certain spot or the middle of the charger for maximum results.

After you place your iPhone on your wireless charger, it should begin charging shortly after.


Why does the iPhone 13 have no charger?

According to the argument online;
Because Apple is looking for a new revenue source, many people are quick to point out that the iPhone 13 does not include a charger. And yeah, it’s simple to imagine it as an option. Apple is a corporation, and its main goal is to raise profits. This may sound interesting but it’s not true.

Does iPhone 13 come with iPhone charger?

Here’s the truth; the USB-C to Lightning cable that is included with every iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 is pretty much it. Therefore, the iPhone 12 and 13 require a USB-C power converter to be charged right out of the box for people who don’t already own an Apple power adapter.

How do you charge an iPhone 13?

To charge the iPhone 13, use either the recommended charging cable or an Apple USB power adapter.

Now, place the iPhone 13 face-up on a Qi-certified charger, MagSafe Charger, or MagSafe Duo Charger (connected to an Apple 20W USB-C power adapter or another compatible power adapter).

Finally, connect your iPhone to the power supplier.

Does iphone 12 come with charger?

No, iPhone 12 doesn’t come with a charger. The same thing applies to the iphone 11.

With all the points outlined in this article, I hope you now know why iPhone 13 doesn’t come with a charger. You can always buy a good charger from local stores in your area or purchase them online (from reliable sources).

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