How To Block Ads Pop-Ups On Android Now!

Ads popups on Android are one annoying stuff almost every Android user is facing. While making use of your smartphone to do important stuff and all of a sudden, unknown Ads just pop-up on your Android smartphone screen.
I experienced this mostly when I was using Jelly Bean And Lollipop Version of Version. Apart from those older versions, on new Android devices, there are some apps causing ads to pop-up all the time.
And one reason why you keep seeing these Ads is that you may have set these apps as Auto-Start Apps which means any time your data connection is turned ON, ads will begin to pop-up on your Android smartphone screen.
Block Ads
Block/Stop Ads Popups On Android
Today’s tutorial will cover the complete guide to stop and remove ads popups on Android. Read below tips to get this done.
But just before you get these ads popup off your phone, you should know some harmful stuff about malware on android that is capable of causing these ads popups and viruses on your phone.


Malware is also known as malicious software which focuses mainly on stealing your personal information and sending them to various attackers which will be very harmful to your phone. And this Malfare Includes Viruses, ransomware, adware, spyware, etc. And that why whenever you try to install certain apps on Chrome you are been warned and informed about their harmful content and effects on your android devices. Not only chrome though, but better safe Android browsers also gives this warning as well.

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Malware is basically the cause of these ad popups you see on Android smartphones.

Why Am I Seeing This Ads Popups?

The different ads you see on Android were fixed-in mostly third-party apps by manufacturers who wish to earn some cash through their apps by monetizing them. And these ads can be so annoying coming up repeatedly.

Now that you have gotten some knowledge on what malware is, and how harmful it can be, let’s quickly move to the next which is how to remove or stop Ads popups on android.



There are some apps on your device which may contain malware such as viruses and the likes. So it’s best to uninstall them to stop Ads popups on your Android device.

The kind of apps you should uninstall are as follows…

➧ Apps which you experienced Ads are coming from: That’s normal you may notice some apps yourself.
➧ Security Apps
➧ Cleaners Apps
➧ Etc.

And below is how to uninstall Apps on Android.
  • Go to settings
  • Tap on Apps
  • Select the app you wish to uninstall.
  • Click Uninstall and confirm installation by clicking OK and you are good.
If you feel like you don’t want to uninstall some apps due to some reasons, no worries I have got a way to remove Ads from apps manually. Read the next method…


This method will give you a detailed guide on how to remove Ads from any app on Android. Yeah, read on…

Introducing Lucky Patcher

This app has made it possible for everyone to successfully remove ads from apps and as well do other stuff which I have listed in this guide.
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Just before we proceed, for you to remove ads successfully from your Android device, it is highly recommended that your Android smartphone is rooted.

Kindly read this guide to see the Best Way To Root Android Smart Phone.
By now I believed you must have rooted your Android device successfully. If so, then let’s proceed…
  • Open Lucky Patcher App
  • Click on the app you wish to remove Ads from.

You will see a drop-down menu like below

  • Tap on Open Menu Of Patches
    Open Menu Of Patches
  • On the next, tap on Remove Google Ads
    Remove Google Ads
  • Select Turn OFF Google Ads Service and ads are off.
    Turn Off Google Ads Service
  • OR…
  • Otherwise, click on “Patch To Remove Google Ads
    Patch To Remove Google Ads
And now on the next screen, you will see different options ticked[✔] on ads-related issues. So what you are going to do is edit it to your taste by either unticking or leave it that way.
  • After that, click on the Apply button and wait while the lucky patcher does it work by patching the app.
See progress…

Patch Progress
If the patch was successful, you will receive a message with a successful result.

And yes, you have successfully remove ads from apps using Lucky Patcher.

We’ll keep updating this page as soon as more tricks come up. Make sure you try them out and in case you have any other method you used to remove ads on your Android device you can as well let us know in the comment section.

Share your thoughts and experiences. Are you facing problems removing ads from your device? Let us know.

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