5 Unknown Methods To Fix Kingroot App Not Installed (100% Working)

Ouch!!! Kingroot app not installed.

Anytime I try to install Kingroot on my Android phone, this is the error I see.

Is this an error you are seeing? This article is for you.

Today I will be exposing the secret I use to bypass the error anytime it comes up on my phone or a friend’s device as well.

After reading a guide online on how to do this or that which benefits you someway and it all requires root access to get this stuff done.
With much excitement, you quickly download the Kingroot application and try installing but shit, the Kingroot app won’t install.
It feels like hell right?
Keep calm, remember I earlier told you that there are several ways to bypass this error anytime it comes up.

How to Resolve Kingroot not installed error
Guide To Fix Install problems on Kingroot app


Follow the below tips and tricks correctly, to fix the app not installed error on Kingroot apk:

1. Turn OFF PlayStore Security On Your Phone.

Surprised? No, you shouldn’t be.

What I noticed about new devices is:
Installed apps are always monitored by Google play services.

For this reason, it tries as much as possible to reject apps that are not installed directly from the play store.

Kingroot (or Kingoroot) are third-party Apps and are likely to be affected by the new changes.

Follow the below steps to turn off this feature and get Kingroot apk installed on your device right now:

  • Open Google PlayStore on your device.
  • Click/tap on the 3dash (Located at the top-left corner on Playstore.
    Kingroot app not installed
  • Scroll down a bit and tap on Play Protect.
    Kingroot app not installed
  • On the next screen, tap on the Gear icon.
    Kingroot app not installed
  • Now, turn OFF the “Scan Device For Security Threats” Switch.
    Kingroot app not installed

You see a popup after turning off the switch.

  • Tap OK.
    Kingroot app not installed

Now the switches must look like the below screenshot:

Kingroot app not installed
  • Yeah. Go back and install Kingroot.

Why this step works

It has been tested by friends and followers who are facing the Kingroot install errors and it’s confirmed working.

Watch the short video below:

It guides you step-by-step, how to deactivate this feature hindering our rooting software from installing.

This step works well to fix the Kingoroot App Not Installed Error on Android just in case have a problem with that.

Read on…

2. Get An App Installer

There are many .apk installer applications on Playstore but for the sake of this guide, I recommend this one below.
We are going to make this app an alternative installer, to install Kingroot on your device.
What This App Can Do For You Right Now
  1. Install .apk Files easily.
  2. Uninstall Unwanted apps
  3. Will clear total cache of any app
  4. Backup apps on your device to your SD card
Additionally, this app can easily be shared with friends and family for free use as well and many more.
This step helps you if your smartphone app installer has a problem. And probably, you have no idea.

Now, what if this app doesn’t install?

3. Allow Apps From Unknown Sources

Follow the below steps to fix the Kingroot app installing errors:
  • Kindly go to Settings

Locate any option you see Security alone or be paired with another.

  • Tap on Security
  • Now tick Allow Installation from Unknown sources
  • Go back and try installing Kingroot.
Now let’s see what you got.
Success? If not, read my next recommendation.

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4. Install The Latest Version Of KingRoot Apk

This may sound familiar to you but believe me, it can be the problem why your current Kingroot apk is not installing.

Make sure you update the app or consider downloading the latest versions from the web.

Below is a link to download the updated version.

Download The Latest Version Of Kingroot

And if you can’t download it directly from the official website, kindly download it from other sources here.

Try installing an updated version of your rooting software.

I have experienced this with the Facebook lite version, and installing a better version helped me resolve the issue.

5. Consider Using Alternatives

There are many software and apps to root a device. You can possibly download any from the internet but below are the ones I have used:

KingoRoot Apk

KingoRoot is an app used for rooting android devices with one click. It’s just so similar to Kingroot’s official app.

According to Kingoroot, they claim their official app offers every user the fastest and most convenient Android rooting experience. And also their software saves you the trouble of connecting to a PC. Just a few steps can get you a rooted Android device in a few minutes.

If you are having problems with installing Kingroot on your device, I recommend you give Kingoroot a try right now.

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One-click Root Apk

This one is another rooting software for Android devices. It also has the PC version in case you prefer using your computer for the rooting process.

As the name implies, this app will help root your device in one click.

And of course, you can install One-Click Root in place of the Kingroot application. (i.e if you are unable to install the official app)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Using the above rooting apps are at your risk. Rooting your device is a way of getting your device exposed to unknown sources. So do well to read the advantages and disadvantages of rooting your device before making an attempt.
Watch this 3 minutes video guide on the pros and cons of rooting your device:

Em… Yeah.
And that’s how to fix the Kingroot app not installed error.  It’s now up to you to let me know your result.
Hope the above steps helped you?
Is there any other method you use to resolve the error?

Please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comment section.
More Peace and Blessings.


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