How To Save WhatsApp Status In 20 Seconds

As we all know WhatsApp newly launched a feature, allowing those who love to add more than one photo to their profile.
Save WhatsApp Status
Save WhatsApp Status
You know, one thing I like about this WhatsApp status is that WhatsApp made their own stuff different from other social media like Facebook which also allows albums (posting more than a picture at once).
Anyway, it seems like not everyone knows what this WhatsApp Status is or is used for rather, so let’s take a look at some important things to note about it.

What Is WhatsApp Status?

According to TechsProf(Now BaseOnTechs) point of view, it is a new feature added to WhatsApp, giving the privilege to people who may like to post more than a picture on their profile. And not only that. Also, with the help of WhatsApp Status, you can as well add Animations(Gif), videos, etc.

Some Benefit Of WhatsApp Status

Below are some benefits of this new feature.
  1. Allow individuals to upload more than a photo or video.
  2. It’s a really big opportunity for individuals to advertise and promote their business either with pictures or a short video.
  3. WhatsApp status also makes it possible for individuals to post birthday wishes, MCM, WCW, and others…
  4. Etc…
Alright, I believe you have known some important things about WhatsApp status. And next is to know how to save these WhatsApp statuses to your Android smartphone and make it yours forever.
You might have an idea on how to save photos only but what about videos that caught your attention? Keep calm the methods in the post will give you a detailed guide on how to save  WhatsApp status including Photos, Videos, Animations, etc…

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What You Will Learn…

  1. How To Save Only Photos From WhatsApp Status
  2. How To Save Only Videos On WhatsApp Status
  3. How To Save Both Photos, Animations, Videos, etc. WhatsApp Status.
Read below guides on how to save WhatsApp status in seconds…


Method One

SAVE PHOTOS ONLY – WhatsApp Status

This method will guide you on how to save WhatsApp status but Photos only, so If you feel like you don’t need it, you can as well skip this method and go to Method Two or Three instead.
To save photos only, from WhatsApp status follow the below steps…
  • Launch WhatsApp
  • Slide Left to Status Tab
  • Click on the photo you wish to save.
  • Now Screenshot the photo.
To screenshot,

  •  kindly Long Press and Hold Down-Volume-Button + Power-Button together same time.


  • Long Press and Hold Up-Volume-Button + Power-Button together.


  • Drag down the notification bar and Tap on Screenshot Icon
    Screenshot Icon
That’s all it takes to save images or Photos from WhatsApp status.
Method Two

SAVE VIDEO ONLY – WhatsApp Status

This method will guide you on how to save only Videos from WhatsApp Status.
Wondering how? See below…
Download Android Screen Recorder
To save videos from WhatsApp Status you are recommended to download a screen recorder on your Android device. You can download it here.
  • After successful downloading, launch the app and startup screen recorder
  • Now go to WhatsApp Status and record video using the screen recorder app.
  • Stop recording immediately after the video is done.
And that’s how to save videos only from WhatsApp Status. Read Method Three on how to save both photos, animations, and videos…
Method Three


Out of the list above, this is the best and easiest method to save WhatsApp Status. Will cover a complete guide to saving pictures, animations, videos, etc…
Before anything else, you must first view WhatsApp Status whether a picture, animation, or video you are recommended to view first. That will serve as downloading the file.
Next is to…
  • Open File-Manager or Explorer
  • Create a New Folder named ‘My Status’ or any of your choice
    Create New Folder
  • Now Locate WhatsApp Folder
  • Click on Media
  • Tap on Three Dots at the ‘Top-Right-Corner’ of the screen.
  • Click on Show Hidden Files
    Show Hidden Files

Now you will see a new folder named ‘Statuses’
IMPORTANT NOTE: Android versions differ, so in case you don’t see the Three-Dots were to click on Show Hidden Files, kindly look below or above your Android device screen you will see an Eye Icon[👀].

Click Eye Icon

It’s all same just click on that to see Hidden Files. And also, in some Android devices hidden files are always visible. Take note of this.

  • Open Statuses Folder and that’s where all viewed Whatsapp Status is
    Open Statuses Folder
  • Kindly select and Copy photos, animations, or videos of your choice.
  • Now go back to that folder you created and Paste them.
Congratulations, you have successfully save WhatsApp Status on your Android device. You can view as much time as you want it’s now yours. YO!
Hope it helps?
More Peace and Blessings…

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