How To Use Single Name On Facebook Mobile (Android, iOs, Others)

Yeah, some days ago I shared a post on how to use a single name on Facebook.

Meanwhile, I did some explanations on requirements and recommendations to do that but unfortunately, it seems like not everyone has a PC and the majority prefer using their smartphones for internet stuff.

So because of that, I have decided to make some research for you and discovered it’s as well possible to create a single name Facebook account using any mobile phone.

In a few minutes, I will show you how to remove your last name on Facebook from mobile in two (2) simple ways.

How To Single Name Facebook Account On Mobile, Android, iOS, iPhone
Use Single Name On Facebook Mobile

Now Let proceed…

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There is no much difference in creating a single name account on PC or Mobile, the steps are very similar. Following the below steps will help you get success on how to hide your last name on Facebook

Get UC Browser

The first step is to download the latest version of UC Browser. This app will help change the network proxy address.

Yes if you have read the complete guide “how to remove the last name on Facebook 2018”, you see really well that Indonesians are the only ones allowed to have one name on their Profile.

But there is a simple trick to make a single name Facebook account as someone who doesn’t live in Indonesia.

You’re to change your proxy address to convince Facebook that you live in Indonesia. This way, you are good to go.

How To Change Proxy Address or Browser Language

After downloading UC Browser successfully, the next is to change the network IP/Proxy Address.
To change Proxy,

  • Open UC Browser you downloaded earlier. [Latest Version Recommended]
  • Tap on 3dash, located at the button-center on your screen
    Click 3dash
  • Tap on the Settings icon, located at the button-left corner on the browser screen
    Go to Settings
  • Tap on Browser Language and select Bahasa Indonesia
    Select Browser Language -Bahasa Indonesia
  • Now log in to with your log in details

Change Facebook Language

  • Go to Settings(Facebook Account Settings I mean)
  • Tap on Language and select Bahasa Indonesia as Facebook language

Edit Name

  • Go to General(Facebook settings as well)
  • Tap on Name, Edit First Name, and Remove/Clear the Last Name
  • Now tap on Review Changes.

Note that review won’t work if you recently change your Facebook name, you will have to wait for after 60days. Then you get success.[IMPORTANT NOTE]

  • On the next screen choose the name and Save Changes.

From this moment your friends will always see a single name on your Facebook profile.

Now if you wish to change back to your preferred language,
kindly go back to UC Browser Settings, Change Language, Login Facebook, Change Language as well and that’s it.

It’s not over yet.

Remember I told you I have two tricks to make a single name Facebook account. Below is the second method.


The one doesn’t require any special app like I recommend Uc browser earlier. All you need is any browser or any version of the Facebook mobile app.

If you don’t have a Facebook mobile you can download it here

Or you can as well use any of your preferred browsers and log in to this version of Facebook.

  • Now enter your login details and Log in.
  • After that, scroll down and tap on Settings & Privacy.
    How to Make a single name on Facebook
  • Select Language
    How to use single name on Facebook
  • Select the first option
    Select Tamil
  • Scroll down and select Tamil as your language
  • Now Save.
Time to change your name to single.
  • Go back to Settings & Privacy,
  • Enter Personal Information
    Use one name on Facebook
  • Now tap on Your Name

And on the next screen,

  • Kindly delete the Last name and add your preferred name in the First name field
    Use Single name on Facebook
  • After that, tap Review Changes
  • You will be asked to Enter Your Password
  • Enter your Password for Facebook to confirm that you’re intentionally changing the name.
  • Now Save Changes.
You are not done yet.
Go back to Settings and Change the Language to English or your preferred language.

You can watch this video made by a Friend of  mine on how to use one name on Facebook

Yes, you have just learned how to use a single on Facebook Mobile. It’s now up to you to give it a trial or keep starring? lol.☺

Encountering any problem? Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comment section.

Share your success stories as well to help others too.

Peace And Blessings…


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