How To Download YouTube Videos On Mobile Faster

Today’s tutorial will be based on how to download YouTube videos for free, without later charges.

Yes! I know you have been battling with YouTube issues for some time now and due to these reasons, you have lost complete interest in watching YouTube videos. Why? Because after watching you can’t save them to your file explorer or even share with friends and family offline.
Of course, YouTube has provided a button to save videos for offline mode for users to watch after. But that’s not really what we want, we need the videos to become ours by storing them to SDcard or Phone storage so we can easily share with friends without extra charges, isn’t it?
Now, are you in this category? Are you finding it difficult to save YouTube videos? Are you tired of YouTube because of this issue?
Don’t worry we have got the best solution to that here and right now in this tutorial.
The Best Trick To Download YouTube Videos
Download YouTube Videos
But before we begin, for those who have lost interest in YouTube because you don’t have enough data to waste on streaming. Wait a minute, hope you know when talking or searching any free tutorials, latest Movie, or even jokes YouTube got that and the most amazing part is that it is totally free and has no later charges. So I think is time to come back to RAS(Run Away Soldiers😁).
Now let go with this tutorial on how to download YouTube Videos.
Introducing Vidmate.apk.
How To Download YouTube Videos
Introduction Of VidMate.apk

This app has made it possible for everyone to be able to download YouTube videos at any time. And below is how to use it.


Get The App

To start anything, you have to make sure you have the app(VidMate) installed on your phone.

➧ Now, download and install Vidmate.apk – Download here

After installing kindly launched the app and then…

Access YouTube Website

Before you can be able to download YouTube videos, you need to get the right source. To get videos then follow the next step.
➧ From the app login to by clicking on the icon.

How To Download YouTube Videos
Access YouTube Website

➧ Or you can also type in depends on your choice.

How To Download YouTube Videos

Search And Download

Alright, now that you have accessed YouTube web, the next step to take is to either select one of the videos available on the home page or go ahead and search any video of your choice.

➧ Search for the video you want. And when the video it’s ready kindly observe.

Hope you’ve seen a download button or icon over there(at the down-left corner of the app). If not refer to the screenshot below.

How To Download YouTube Videos
Click The Button To Start Download
➧ Tap on it.

Select Format

This is simply the quality you want the video to be. As you can see I selected 1280×720(MP4 720p HD) so you can select WEBM, 3GP, M4A, etc. Depends on your choice.

How To Download YouTube Videos
Select Format

➧ Now select download and your video will start up download immediately.

You can now take look at your notification bar and see the progress.

How To Download YouTube Videos
See Download Progress

You have successfully download YouTube videos for free(I mean without a Visa Card, a MasterCard, or any payment attached😉).

Find The Downloaded Video

Now that you’ve succeeded in downloading this video the next is to locate your wanted video. And to do this you have to follow the below steps…

To locate the video kindly go to the File Manager,

  • Scroll down and tap on VidMate Folder
  • Enter Download
Now take a look at your video smiling at you

How To Download YouTube Videos
Check out Your Video
This is all you need to download any YouTube video successfully using VidMate.

Hope it helped in one way or the other.

Do you have a different method or tool you used to download YouTube videos?
Do you have any questions or an addition? Let me hear from you in the comment section.
Please don’t forget to share if you find it helpful.

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